24 Well 3D Cell Culture Plate

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12 Scaffolds, Treated, Sterilized (1/pkg, 8/case)

VWR® 3D scaffold cell culture plates, made of polystyrene (GPPS) with polystyrene polymer scaffold, are able to simulate the three-dimensional structure of cells in animals and the human body to maximum effect, providing an ideal environment for cell interaction, maximising culture area, and improving yield.

  • Highly consistent scaffold (mean fibre diameter of 500 μm and 260 μm pore spacing) with 3D channels providing high connectivity, facilitating nutrient transmission, consistent metabolic activity, and the accuracy of culture results
  • Cytokine and growth factor resistant surface assists cell secretion collection, saving time and reducing the need for additional separating steps
  • Open pores with high connectivity facilitate nutrient absorption and metabolism
  • Larger surface area than regular cell culture dishes for greater yields and maximum material efficiency
  • Strictly integrity tested
  • Sterilised by electron beam irradiation
  • Free from DNase and RNase, non pyrogenic

Applications include studies of the cell-cell interaction mechanism, cell immunotherapy, stem cell therapy, drug screening and the production of cell-based drugs.

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