About Us

Easy Lab is an innovative online eCommerce marketplace dedicated to all your Laboratory requirements including laboratory Consumables ,Equipments, Life Science products, Diagnostic kits and Medical supplies. It’s a first of its kind Middle East  based online marketplace which connects worldwide suppliers and Customers.
Our global e-commerce platform gives you easy, convenient access to our own brands, as well as those from thousands of other manufacturers.
Customers  can register for free and buy their lab requirements directly online using Easy Lab’s secured payment gateway. The website offers a huge range of products including laboratory Equipments, Consumables, Reagents,Chemicals,Molecular Biology,Genomics, Cell culture, Protein Biology, microbiology,chromatography, diagnostics products and all kinds of products to meet your daily laboratory requirements.
Buyers can directly place an order or even place inquiries to get quotes directly from the manufacturer/supplier thereby getting the best price with the most accurate and updated information. Our Unique system allow  us to Send you instant Quote within minutes (than waiting for days !) and you can monitor your order status  Real time making  the complete Process transparent !
We are a trusted global partner to customers and suppliers in the life sciences and advanced technologies & applied materials industries.
Whether our customers are accelerating life sciences research, solving complex analytical challenges, improving patient diagnostics and therapies or increasing productivity in their laboratories, we are here to support them
 Easy lab provides the researcher with search tools,  product comparison, category search by application, and other features to ensure that you will get quick and faster product information. 
Manufacturers  and Local distributors of lab supplies can register free and upload their inventory on the website using a simplified dashboard. Easy lab offers online and offline marketing services to the sellers for the promotion of their brand and products to the our  worldwide customer base. Sellers can update their stocks and discounts to provide real-time and accurate product information through the dashboard.
Easy  also serves as a single flatform catering to scientists and Researchers providing up-to-date product information and the latest happenings in the industry. By providing the latest ongoing offers, prices, online catalogs and other specialized features, Easy Lab ensures that the researcher gets complete, up-to-date information from the web portal without referring to multiple catalogs and dealing with multiple suppliers.
Easy Lab is as the name suggests, is the easiest platform for  your lab Products procurement.