96-Well PCR plate, Semi-skirted, Standard, Straight Side, Clear

Manufacturer: SSI-VWR
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Product Code: P20611197
SKU: VWRU89049-178
UOM: 10/Unit, 10 Units/Case
Product Sub Group: 96 well plate

VWR 96-Well PCR Plates are compatible with most leading PCR and real-time PCR instruments.

Ultra-thin walls to optimize thermal transfer resulting in increased reaction efficiencies
Ultra-clear wells for easy visualization of small sample volumes
Made of virgin polypropylene which is naturally low-binding without the need to incorporate additives
Black alphanumerics are easy-to-read and simplifies sample identification.
All plates are certified free of RNAse, DNAse, and human DNA
Compatible with VWR 8-strip flat caps (83009-684) and bubble caps (20170-000).

Description: Straight side
No. of wells: 96
Profile: Standard
Skirt: Semi-Skirted
Well volume: 0.20 ml
Well Color:Clear
Barcoded: No

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