AccuBlue® High sensitivity dsDNA quantitation kit with 8 DNA standards

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AccuBlue® high sensitivity assay, linear range 0.2 to 100 ng (dsDNA in assay)
AccuBlue® dsDNA Quantitation Kit offers sensitive and selective detection of double-stranded DNA in a 96-well microplate format.

Allow accurate quantitation of purified double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) samples across a wide range of concentrations
Compatible with plate readers and handheld fluorometers
Unlike absorbance-based nucleic acid quantitation, fluorescent DNA binding dyes are highly sensitive and selective for dsDNA and provide a more accurate DNA concentration in the presence of contaminating RNA and other common contaminants including free nucleotides, protein, detergents and salts.

AccuBlue® high sensitivity assay: Non-toxic and non-mutagenetic DNA quantitation dye
The AccuBlue® high sensitivity assay has a linear range of 0,2 to 100 ng dsDNA per well of a 96 well plate (0,02 to 10 ng/µl of sample). Excitation/emission wavelengths: 500/530 nm (green fluorescence).
-High sensitivity
-Broad dynamic range
-Compatible with plate readers and handheld fluorometers
-Insensitive to ssDNA, RNA, dNTP's and protein
-Choice of 3 kits to best suit individual requirements

Delivery information: AccuBlue® kits include quantitation solution and calf thymus dsDNA standards. Stand-alone AccuBlue® quantitation solutions are available for users who prefer to use their own DNA standards.

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