illustra™ ExoProStar™ 1-STEP Kit, for 100 Tests

Manufacturer: Cytiva
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Product Sub Group: PCR Purification kit

illustra™ ExoProStar™ 1-STEP Kit uses illustra™ Exonuclease I and Alkaline Phosphatase for optimal removal of unincorporated primers and nucleotides. illustra™ ExoProStar™ improves digestion efficiency with no degradation of the target PCR product. The sample remains completely intact and ready for immediate use in manual or automated processes.

Both enzymes provided in one tube with just one simple pipetting step needed to prepare the reaction
Fast 30 minute protocol - complete heat inactivation of the enzymes within 15 minutes
Adaptable to different sizes
Scalable for different reaction sizes
No loss of PCR product
Easy to automate

Description: illustra™ ExoProStar™ 1-STEP Kit
Target molecule: DNA
Refine target molecule: Amplified/modified DNA
Sample type: PCR and other enzymatic reactions
Method/Format: Enzymatic clean-up
Prep Size: Scalable

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