DNAZap™ PCR DNA degradation solution, 250 ml

Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems
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UOM: 1 * 250 ml
Product Sub Group: DNA Contamination

DNAZap™ solutions are two solutions that are innocuous when used alone, but become a potent nucleic acid degrading reagent when mixed. This mixture is able to instantaneously degrade high levels of contaminating DNA and RNA from surfaces.

Completely degrades contaminating DNA and RNA at the level of PCR sensitivity
Degrades nucleic acid, unlike other products on the market that only act as detergents
Ideal for cleaning PCR tubes, PCR machine surfaces, pipettors, lab benches, lab equipment and microfuge tubes.

It effectively eliminates contaminating DNA in PCR tubes without inhibiting subsequent enzymatic reactions. All contaminating nucleic acid is degraded to nucleotides, preventing any chance of false positive amplification.

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