Trypsin/EDTA (10X), 100 ml

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Trypsin-EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is a combined reagent used to remove cells from the culture vessel surface into suspension.

The EDTA, a chelator of divalent cations, is added to trypsin solutions to enhance activity. The calcium and magnesium in the extracellular matrix, which aids in cell-cell adhesion, also obscures the peptide bonds that trypsin acts on. The EDTA is added to remove the calcium and magnesium from the cell surface which allows trypsin to hydrolyse specific peptide bonds. This activity can be halted by adding a serum media mixture, or a trypsin inhibitor in serum-free systems.

It is supplied at use dilution. Trypsin-EDTA contains 0.5 g/l trypsin 1:250, 0.2 g/l versene (EDTA). Porcine parvovirus tested and mycoplasma screened.

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