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pSpark® IV DNA Cloning Kit

Manufacturer: Canvax
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Product Code: P21701653
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Product Sub Group: CELL ANALYSIS

pSpark® IV is a highly efficient, accurate and easy-to-use DNA cloning system that exploit its very low background feature for the expression of toxic genes under transcription-free conditions. In this vector, the lac promoter has been eliminated and therefore blue/white screening is not allowed (alpha-peptide coding region remains and you can find blue colony). The vector is ideal for cloning genes that produce toxic polypeptides by transcription/ translation.
– 20 µL pSpark® IV (20 ng/µL)
– 20 µL T4 DNA Ligase (5U/Weiss)
– 200 µL T4 DNA Ligase Buffer (5x)
– 150 µL PEG 6000 (10x)
– 5 µL Insert Control 1 kb (20 ng/µL)
For More Details:  https://lifescience.canvaxbiotech.com/product/pspark-iv-dna-cloning-kit/



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