pASSEMBLE™ Ecotropic Retroviral Packaging System

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pASSEMBLE™ Ecotropic Retroviral Packaging System includes a unique packaging vector with gag, pol and env from different viruses confering a tropism in the cell to be infected. Ecotropic Packaging System includes a packaging vector with gp70 envelope genes from Moloney murine leukaemia virus (MoMLV). The gp70 envelope glycoproteins of ecotropic MoMLV viruses bind to receptors that occur only on mouse and rat cells and on interspecies hybrid cells that contain mouse chromosome 5. In murine cells, the entry of this ecotropic virus is mediated by mCAT-1 receptor. Higher efficiency of transduction is obtained by infection of cells previously transfected with mCAT-1 expression vector.

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