Rat Plasma w/ Lithium Heparin

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Plasma, also known as blood plasma, appears light- yellowish or straw-colored. It serves as the liquid base for whole blood. Whole blood minus erythrocytes (RBCs), leukocytes (WBCs), thrombocytes(platelets) and other cellular components make up the plasma.
Serum, sometimes mistakenly considered synonymous with plasma, consists of plasma without clotting factors. Blood plasma is separated from the blood by spinning a tube of fresh blood containing an anticoagulant in a centrifuge until the blood cells fall to the bottom of the tube. The blood plasma is then removed.
When searchers choose their plasma an important factor that should be taken into consideration is the source, which also emphasizes the traceability of the plasma. Our system of vertical integration allows us to be certain of the origins and traceability of our plasma.
All the collected animals are 8-12-week-old sexually mature rats (Sprague-Dawley). The plasma is treated in agreement with the European regulations.

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