qMAXSen™ Green qPCR MasterMix (High ROX™)

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UOM: 16 x 1.25 mL (2,000 rxn)

qMAXSen™ Green qPCR MasterMix 2x (High ROX™), offers exceptional Sensitivity, Specificity & Performance for real-time PCR using a Green fluorescent dye. Supplied as stabilized 2x reaction mixture, is a convenient and easy, ready-to-use premix to perform qPCR using an analogue fluorescent dye to SYBR® Green. The optimized MasterMix includes all the components required for running PCR reactions, except PCR Primers and template.
Available with the option of ROX™ as the internal passive reference dye. It provides an internal reference to which the reporter-dye signal can be normalized during data analysis.

For more details, please follow https://lifescience.canvaxbiotech.com/product/qmaxsen-green-qpcr-mastermix-high-rox/


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