Delicate task wipes, Kimtech™ Science, 7557, 2 ply

Manufacturer: Kimberly-Clark
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These high quality wipes, made from 100% pure fibre, are suitable for a variety of precision wiping tasks such as the cleaning of delicate glassware, equipment and surfaces. They are also suitable for cleaning liquids and dust, and are equipped with anti-static dispensing to reduce lint and anti-static discharge.

Light-duty wipes
Low lint absorbency for delicate applications and surfaces
Chemically inert and anti-static
Supplied in a hygienic, user friendly pop-up box for clean and fast dispensing, even while on the move
Ideal for applications in healthcare, manufacturing, optics and electronics. Suitable for use in ISO Class 4 or higher cleanroom environments.

Description: Delicate task wipes, Kimtech™ Science, 7557, 2 ply
L×W: 205×200 mm
Colour: White
Packed: 24 boxes of 100 wipes

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