HPLC columns, Avantor® Alltima HP C8, 7.00×53 mm

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Avantor® Alltima HP columns are for reversed-phase applications where C18 is too retentive.

High resolution for complex samples
High purity silica
Excellent column stability
These columns combine the selectivity and performance needed to overcome the most challenging separation needs. The low column bleed makes these columns ideal for microbore applications.
These are widely used for basic compounds in neutral to alkaline pH, MS applications.

Carbon load: 8%
Endcapped: Yes
pH range: 1 - 10
Surface area: 200 m²/g
Column format: Analytical
Phase: C8
Column hardware: Stainless steel
Pore size: 190 Å
Particle size: 3 µm
Int.Ø×L: 7.00×53 mm
Packing material: Silica

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