HPLC columns, Vydac® 208TP C8, 4.6×250 mm

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Vydac® TP was the first range of wide pore media phases developed in the Vydac range and became the industry standard for peptide and protein separations. The large pores of the 300 Å TP silica give polypeptide molecules complete access to the interior of the silica pores.

Long column lifetime and negligible phase leaching
Reliable protein purifications, scalable from analytical to preparative scale
Referenced in a large number of patents and publications
208TP C8 is less hydrophobic than C18TP and is recommended for the analysis of peptides, 10 – 20K MW.

Column format: Analytical
Phase: C8
Column hardware: Stainless steel
Pore size: 300 Å
Particle size: 5 µm
Int.Ø×L: 4.6×250 mm
Packing material: Silica

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