Cell culture dishes 35 mm, glass bottom, CELLview™, 4 compartments, TC treated

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PS with integrated glass bottom, sterile. CELLview™ glass bottom dishes combine the convenience of a standard 35 mm disposable plastic cell culture dish with the optical quality of glass, providing superior high resolution microscopic images of in vitro cultures. The CELLview™ dish is also available as a subdivided version with four individual compartments facilitating simultaneous multiplex analysis of different cell lines, various stimulations or diverse transfections, minimising the amount of required cells and reagents per individual assay.

High transparent achromatic borosilicate glass base; hydrolytic class 1 (DIN-ISO 719)
Maximal spectral transmission; no autofluorescence; no depolarisation of light
Available with specific surface treatments increasing the attachment of adherent cells
Broad range of multiple microscopic applications

Description: Culture dish, 4 compartments, TC treated
Ø: 35 mm
Height: 10 mm
Growth area: 4×1.9 cm²
Recommended working volume: 5.0 ml

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