Mastercycler® X50s, silver block, 96-well plate or 0.1/0.2 ml tubes, with touchscreen interface, UK plug

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The Mastercycler X50 is the elegant synthesis of speed, flexibility and PCR optimisation for research PCR applications and standardisation for routine PCR applications, such as food testing. The Mastercycler® X50 boasts ramp rates of up to 10°C/s and is ideal for routine applications as well as advanced research in molecular biology.

Wide selection of blocks from a fast silver block to 384-well block
Innovative 2D-Gradient for advanced PCR optimisation
X50 with touchscreen can control up to 9 other units
flexlid® concept allows automatic height adjustment of the lid to use all types of consumables
Small footprint
The Mastercycler X50 family consists of units with a user friendly touchscreen interface or eco units which are externally controlled. Low noise levels, low power consumption, and the versatile flexlid® concept complete the product to be a powerful and convenient PCR cycler.

2D-gradient allows optimisation of both the denaturation temperature and annealing temperature during the same run. Higher denaturation temperatures can have the advantage of increased specificity, while lower denaturation temperatures reduce stress on biomolecules and can lead to increased yield. Assays that struggle to work reliably at a 95° denaturation temperature could benefit significantly from the optimisation of the denaturation temperature.

Applications include fast PCR, PCR optimisation, standard PCR, incubation and cycle sequencing.

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