Multi-channel pipette (12 channels), 30 - 300 µl Capacity, Mechanical, Variable volume, Eppendorf Research® plus

Manufacturer: Eppendorf
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Versatile, ergonomic pipette with innovative design, meeting the highest needs in precision and accuracy.

Extremely lightweight
Innovative re-designed principle of piston-stroke pipetting, piston made of organic polymer Fortron® with great chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance
Lowest aspirating, dispensing, blow-out and tip ejection forces
Spring loaded retractable nose cone to ensure tight seal and prolong nose cone life, as well as exact tip alignment
Individual channel removal for quick and easy servicing
Fully autoclavable
Designed and constructed for general laboratory and research applications in Life Science. Typical applications include: Food & beverages, forensic, cosmetics, agriculture, animal studies, chemical analytics, research applications at medical and academic facilities.

Capacity: 30 - 300 µl
Increment: 0.20 µl
Accuracy: ±3.0 - ±0.6 %
Imprecision: ±1.0 - ±0.3 %
Colour code: Orange
Recommended tips: epT.I.P.S.® 300 µl
VWR catalog number: 613-5908

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