Single channel pipette, 10 - 100 µl Capacity, Mechanical, Variable volume, Eppendorf Research® plus

Manufacturer: Eppendorf
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Product Sub Group: Single Channel Pipette

Versatile, ergonomic pipette with innovative design, meeting the highest needs in precision and accuracy.

Extremely lightweight
Innovative re-designed principle of piston-stroke pipetting, piston made of Fortron® with great chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance
Lowest aspirating, dispensing, blow-out and tip ejection forces
Spring loaded retractable nose cone to ensure tight seal and prolong nose cone life
4-digit volume display for ease of use
Fully autoclavable
Designed and constructed for general laboratory and research applications in Life Science. Typical applications include: Food & beverages, forensic, cosmetics, agriculture, animal studies, chemical analytics, research applications at medical and academic facilities.

Capacity: 10 - 100 µl
Accuracy: ±3.0 - ±0.8 %
Imprecision: ±1.0 - ±0.2 %
Colour code: Yellow
Recommended tips: epT.I.P.S.® 200 µl
VWR catalog number: 613-5897

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