Dispenser tips 1 ml, Combitips advanced® PCR Clean

Manufacturer: Eppendorf
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Combitips advanced® function according to the positive displacement principle, as a result they always dispense the correct volume independently of the density of the liquid and its flow characteristics (e.g., increased vapour pressure or increased viscosity). They are ideal for use with all Eppendorf multipettes.

Ergonomic design with unique funnel shape prevents damage to gloves ensuring comfortable handling
Individually colour coded for quick identification
Combitips advanced are available in different purity grades to support a range of applications

Purity grade:
PCR Clean: Free from DNase, RNase, human DNA and PCR inhibitors; tested and certified by an external accredited laboratory.

Volume: 1 ml
Sterile: No
Colour code: Yellow
Packed: 4 bags, 25 each

VWR catalog number: 613-2079

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