U-Shape Cell Culture Flasks, T-75, Corning®, TC-treated

Manufacturer: Corning Life Sciences
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Product Sub Group: T75 Flask

Corning's enhanced T-75 Flask features a U-shaped design, which improves usability while maintaining the same environment for cell growth as previous designs

The U-shaped T-75 flask includes design advances, such as rounded shoulders, which allows for an easier grip and for better access when removing or tightening the cap. The new ergonomic shape also provides the option to use a larger pipet – up to 50 mL – for maximum flexibility, reduces the number of corners and improve cell scraping. Although the enhanced Corning T-75 flask incorporates a number of helpful design improvements, it continues to have the same excellent environment for cell growth and high-quality manufacturing you have come to expect and rely upon from Corning cell culture products.

Description: U-Shape Cell Culture Flask
Surface Area: 75 cm2
Pyrogen: Non pyrogenic
Sterility; Sterile
Material: PS
Cap type: Vented
Treatment: Tissue Culture Treated

Supplier catalog number: 430641U

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