Corning® Tissue Culture Dishes, 35 x 10 mm, Polystyrene, Sterile, TC treated

Manufacturer: Corning Life Sciences
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Product Code: P21912405
SKU: 734-1698
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Product Sub Group: 35mm Dish

Round dishes
Manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene and specially treated for optimum growth of anchorage dependent cells
All dishes are gamma radiation sterilized and certified nonpyrogenic.
Designed with special vents to allow consistent gas exchange for open culture procedures. Dishes feature stacking beads for handling without damage to the viewing surface.

Diameter ×H: 35 x 10 mm
Growth area: 8 cm²
Actual growth surface: 33.9 mm
Packaging: 20/Sleeve
Unit: Case of 500

Supplier catalog number: 430165

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