Multiple Well Plates (24 well), TC treated, individually wrapped

Manufacturer: Corning Life Sciences
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Product Code: P21242407
SKU: 734-1604
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Product Sub Group: 24 well plate

These polystyrene plates are tissue culture-treated for optimum cell attachment and growth
Optically clear plates are compatible with most automatic diluters, readers, and pipettors. Raised well rims, lid rings, and recessed areas prevent cross-contamination and reduce evaporation. Uniform wall thickness ensures distortion-free well bottoms. Well positions are labeled with alphanumeric markings. Gamma radiation sterilized. Certified nonpyrogenic.

Description: Flat-Bottom Plate
Well volume: 2 ml
Working volume: 0.4–0.6 ml
Dimensions: 85W x 128L mm
No. of wells: 24
Well area: 1.9 cm2
Packaging: 1/Tray

Supplier catalog number: 3524

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