Non-calibrated loop 2 mm with aluminium insulated handle

Manufacturer: Copan Diagnostics
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Product Code: P21212413
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Product Sub Group: Loops

A range of nickel-chrome metal wire loops attached to lightweight insulated aluminium handles. Combo-loops are non calibrated and available in a range of loop sizes from 2 to 5 mm internal diameter. They offer the convenience of a ready to use loop and handle combination. Like regular nickel-chrome loops, Combo-Loops can be sterilised between use by using an incinerator or Bunsen flame. The whole unit is designed to be discarded when the wire loop eventually wears out.

Combined loop plus handle
Combo-Loop handles are colour coded to facilitate easy size identification
Loops have totally smooth surfaces and will not cut or gouge through agar medium when streaking plate cultures
Packaging: Loops are supplied in packages containing five loops with handles.

Supplier catalog number: CAS316-01

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