96 cell culture plates, Falcon®, Non treated

Manufacturer: Corning Life Sciences
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Product Sub Group: 96 well plate

PS, sterile, non pyrogenic. All tissue culture treatments render polystyrene hydrophilic and result in the incorporation of a variety of anionic functional groups that support cell culture. To ensure reproducible results and conditions, all Falcon® tissue culture treatment is performed in a vacuum chamber.

Labyrinth lid, condensation rings, and deep well design control contamination, reduce evaporation, and minimise edge effects
Reliable vacuum-gas plasma tissue culture treatment provides well-to-well and plate-to-plate consistency
Convenient, peel-open packaging
Individual and Ready-Stack (RS) trays are PET (Code 1) and recyclable
Corning® Primaria™ tissue culture treatment additionally incorporates nitrogen-containing functional groups that have been shown to improve attachment and spreading of some cell types.
Non-treated plates have a more hydrophobic surface and show reduced cell attachment.

Description: 96-well (round-bottom) with lid, non treated
Culture area: 0.36 cm²
Volume: 0.32 ml
Packed: 1/tray
Sterile: +
Colour: Clear

Supplier catalog number: 351177

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