Ultra-low temperature freezer, −86 °C, Premium, Innova U410

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Like Innova® freezers, Premiums are high-quality, fully-featured freezers, with the ability to safely preserve the samples over the long term. The difference is that Premium freezers use traditional urethane insulation to achieve and maintain ultra-low temperatures.

Easy-to-read front-mounted control panel for temperature setting and alarm display, four PIN security lock
On/off power switch located behind lockable panel to prevent accidental operation, automatic reset protects microprocessor in event of electrical power spikes
Designed to fit through standard doorways and lifts
Remote alarm port for connection to BMS, autodialler and so on
Audible and visual alarms for high/low temperature, power failure, low battery, filter clean and system failure
Every New Brunswick freezer is equipped with unique S.M.A.R.T. Plus™ diagnostic software to help quickly identify the cause of a fault or set point variance.
Range of temperature: −50 to −86 °C at ambient temperature of +32 °C

Construction: High quality 304L grade stainless steel interior, lockable outer door, stainless steel shelves with five insulated inner doors (upright models only) and heavy-duty, lockable castors. A heated vent prevents vacuum formation. Upright models have four adjustable shelves giving five compartments

Certifications: CE and UL certified. All NBS freezers meet WEEE Directives for disposal, and are 95 to 98% recyclable (by weight).

Accessories information: 7-day chart recorder: Continuously monitor and record temperature for up to 7 days. Temperature range of +20 to −90 °C, ±2%
Front-mounted for easy access
Factory installation recommended

CO₂ & LN₂ back-up systems: Safely protects your samples in the event of mechanical breakdown or power outage. Maintains temperature between −55 °C and −70 °C with CO₂, or down to −85 °C with LN₂, subject to environmental conditions.
Coolant addition is pulsed to avoid excessive consumption
Built-in safety device prevents pulsing while the door is open

Model: Innova U410
Air circulation: Non ventilated
Display: LED
Alarm: Audible and visual
Shelves/drawers: 4 adjustable stainless-steel shelves
Door type: 1 outer door, 5 inner doors, insulated
Door lock: Yes
Access ports: 2 (Ø 20 mm)
Material: Exterior: steel, powder coated, scratch and rust resistant
                Interior: polished 304L stainless steel
Weight: 235 kg
Capacity: 410 l
L x D x H ext. : 80 x 85.2 x 193 cm

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