Upright ULT freezer, BioUltra UL570, White, 570 litre capacity

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The BioUltra UL570 is an ultra-low temperature freezer that operates safely at −86 °C. By utilising high capacity components, cascade refrigeration system, latest generation vacuum insulated panel technology and insulated inner doors, the BioUltra cabinets are able to maintain safe and stable interior conditions. The BioUltra UL570 holds up to 384×50 mm boxes (using 4×4 racks), 192×75 mm boxes (using 3×4 racks) or 192×100 mm boxes (using 2×4 racks).

Cascade refrigeration system ensures high efficiency, performance and durability; easy access to heat exchanger and dry filter
Insulated inner doors ensure safe operation even with the outer door left ajar
Two independently working inner doors ensure that items can be accessed with least possible affect on the items stored; inner doors are detachable for easy cleaning and defrosting
Multifunctional leveling castors allow easy positioning, with the added stationary stability of legs once deployed
An ergonomically correct and easy to use handle ensures safe access to the interior of the cabinet
Extra sensor and reference container for providing a temperature reference within the storage compartment
24,5 mm port for ease of access, e.g. sensors for external temperature surveillance
The units have 70 mm insulation (HFC- and CFC-free cyclopentane), E-sensor and levelling castors.

Delivery information: Each BioUltra UL570 is delivered with five adjustable stainless steel perforated shelves for full utilisation of the storage space.

Model: BioUltra UL570G
Alarm: Audible and visual
Shelves/drawers: 5 stainless steel perforated shelves
Material: Exterior: steel, white lacquered
                Interior: stainless steel
Temperature: −60...−90 °C
W×D×H ext.: 856×979×1986 - 1996 mm

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