ULT freezer, CryoCube® F740

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CryoCube F740 is designed to store more of your samples securely while maintaining optimal energy usage.

Polyurethane foam and vacuum insulation panels
Led interface
Green cooling liquids
Easy-to-read, eye level, flush mounted control panel and alarm status
These freezers are equipped with a touchscreen interface where data are stored on-board and can be checked 24/7. If necessary, data as well as service reports can be extracted by a front-mounted USB port. The electronic lock system enables controlled access and higher sample safety.

The CryoCube F740 series is equipped with reliable heavy-duty compressors (2-stage cascade cooling system). Quick pull-down times enable fast re-use after cleaning/defrosting of the instrument. The freezers have short recovery times after opening to provide extra sample safety.

Temperature monitor systems can be used to monitor the freezers remotely.For even higher sample safety, the ULT freezers can be equipped with CO2/LN2 back-up systems and a chart recorder (Type II).

Model: CryoCube F740hi
Refrigerant: R290/R170
Insulation: Polyurethane foam and vacuum insulation panels
Electrical: 230 V, 50 Hz
Noise level: 41.3 dB (A)
Shelves/drawers: 5 shelves
Door type: Outer door, right handed
Access ports: USB
Weight: 333 kg
Shipping weight: 382 kg (842 lb.)

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