Ultra-low temperature upright freezer, Model SU780XLE

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Ultra-low temperature freezer featuring the free-piston Stirling engine. This next generation of environmentally sustainable ULT freezers achieve stable storage conditions over a wide temperature range. The freezer uses 70 to 75% less energy than standard compressor-based ULT freezers, with the industry's best ultra-low cooling performance.

±1 °C 'steady state' temperature variation over time
Faster initial pull down, ambient to –80 °C, <6.5 hours
Faster door opening temperature recovery, 35 minutes to –80 °C (ENERGY STAR® final test method)
Slowest warm up time, 2.5 hours from –80 to –60 °C
Largest storage capacity per square metre of floor space
Plugs into any outlet
These upright freezers feature a 780 litre cabinet that delivers stable, uniform –86 °C storage at a fraction of the operating cost of conventional cascade refrigeration systems. The SU780XLE models combine the performance of a free-piston Stirling engine with an efficient, thin wall, high performance vacuum insulated panels and non HFC polyurethane foam using the Ecomate® environmentally friendly blowing agent. The Stirling engine’s continuous modulation and fully adaptive capabilities eliminate the on-off cycling operation of compressor-based systems. This delivers uncompromising cooling performance and reliability with unmatched energy efficiency. With its 780 litre, 600×2 ml box storage capacity, the SU780XLE stores ⅓ more samples per square metre of floor space than comparable models, in addition to providing the industry’s widest cooling temperate range of –20 to –86 °C. Secure touch pad inputs allow access to programming for all control functions and alarm set points.

The SU780XLE models have an auto-voltage range of 100 to 240 V (±10%) at either 50 or 60 Hz (automatically adjusts). This auto-voltage capability allows SU780XLE models to operate on any outlet without factory modification (the user will need to install the specific cord that fits their receptacle). SU780XLE units come with five shelves, as well as Type-E (EU-plug); Type-G (UK-plug); and Type-J (CH-plug) power cords (220 to 240 V).

Certifications: cULus, and ENERGY STAR® certified.

Ordering information: Racks are not included. Additional optional accessories include: Racks, chart recorder, CO and LN₂ back-up systems, 4 to 20 mA temperature output, BACnet™ or MQTT connectivity options, additional shelves and international plug(s).

Delivery information: Supplied with a 2 year warranty on parts and a 7 year warranty on the Stirling engine and thermosiphon.

Model: SU780XLE
Refrigerant: R-170 (90 g)
Display: Graphical user interface with touch screen controls
Defrost: Manual
Alarm: Audible and visual
Electrical: 120 - 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz
Noise level: <45 dB (A)
Shelves/drawers: 5 shelves
Door type: 1 outer door, hinge right, 3 inner doors with magnetic latches
Door lock: Yes
Access ports: 2 (independent thermocouple 0,5" (Ø 12,7 mm) with plug and CO₂/LN₂ back-up connector)
Material: Exterior: mild steel, steel, zinc alloy, polycarbonate
                Interior: steel and stainless steel
Weight: 284 kg

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