E.Z.N.A.® Universal Pathogen DNA Kit, for 50 tests

Manufacturer: Omega Bio-Tek
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The E.Z.N.A.® Universal Pathogen Kit allows for the rapid and reliable isolation of high quality host genomic DNA, gram positive and negative bacterial DNA, fungal spore DNA and viral DNA and viral RNA from tissue, urine, serum and faecal samples.

Isolates pathogen DNA & RNA from a variety of sample sources
Technology: Silica MicroElute spin column
Processing Mode: Manual, Centrifugation/Vacuum
Starting Amount: 25 to 30 mg tissue, 250 µl fecal sample / serum / urine/blood

This kit incorporates Omega Bio-tek’s Disruptor Tubes pre-filled with glass beads for faster and easier processing. The Disruptor Tubes allow for simultaneous homogenizaton and lysis of the samples in the kit’s lysis buffers and aid in effective lysis of difficult samples. No detergents are present in the initial lysis buffer, which eliminates foaming issues and provides optimal conditions for homogenization.
This unique buffer system does not require alcohol to bind nucleic acids, allowing for recovery of high quality DNA/RNA free of PCR inhibitors. Omega Bio-tek’s MicroElute LE Spin Columns are used, which allow for elution volumes as low as 15 µl.

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