E.Z.N.A.® Total RNA Kit I, for 50 tests

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The E.Z.N.A.® Total RNA Kit I provides a straightforward and rapid method for the isolation of up to 100 µg of total RNA from cultured eukaryotic cells and soft tissues. Multiple samples of up to 1 x 107 eukaryotic cells or 30 mg of tissue can be processed in parallel in fewer than 20 minutes. Purified RNA can be used in many downstream applications such as RT-PCR, Northern blotting, nuclease protection assay, and in vitro translation.
Rapid – 20 minutes or less
Safe – No phenol/chloroform extractions
Versatile – Spin and vacuum formats available
High quality – Purified RNA suitable for a variety of downstream applications

Downstream Application: PCR, qPCR, real-time RT-PCR, microarray, Northern blot, poly-A purification
Elution Volume: 40-70 μL
Starting Material: Cultured eukaryotic cells and soft tissues
Starting Amount: < 1 x 10^7 cells or 30 mg tissue
RNA Yield: Up to 100 µg
Processing Mode: Manual, centrifugation/vacuum
Throughput: 1 - 24
RNA Binding Technology: Silica Mini spin column
Binding Capacity: 100 µg

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