E.Z.N.A.® Water DNA Kit - Sample

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The E.Z.N.A.® Water DNA Kit is formulated to isolate high-purity cellular DNA from water samples typically containing humic acid and inhibitors of PCR. This kit uses a novel and proprietary method to isolate genomic DNA from variety of environmental samples. This kit has been successfully used to isolate DNA from tough-to-lyse bacteria, fungi, and algae that inhabit a range of samples including tap water, lake water, river water, and sewage samples. Isolated DNA can be used for most downstream applications including PCR, Southern blot, and SNP analysis.

Reliable – Reproducible DNA purification from variety of sample sources
High quality – Inhibitor Removal Technology provides efficient PCR inhibitor removal
High yield – Efficient purification of DNA from even specialized samples

Starting Material: Environmental Water
Yield: 100 µg
Elution Volume: 50-100 μL
Technology: HiBind® DNA Mini Column
Processing Mode: Manual
Throughput: 1-24

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