E.Z.N.A.® miRNA isolation kit, for 50 tests

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The E.Z.N.A.® Micro RNA Kit combines the reversible binding properties of the HiBind® matrix, a new silica-based material, with the highly efficient lysis ability of RNA-Solv® to extract micro and large (>200 nt) RNA from a wide variety of starting materials. Micro and large RNA are separated to allow for quantification into downstream applications.
The system uses RNA-Solv® to efficiently lyse cells and protect RNA from degradation. Following a chloroform separation step, RNA is applied to a HiBind® RNA column where large RNA binds. The flow-through is retained and applied to a HiBind® Micro RNA column to bind small RNA.

Downstream Application: RTPCR*, Northern blotting, poly A+ RNA (mRNA) purification, nuclease protection, and in vitro translation
Elution Volume: 15-30 μL for miRNA; 40-70 μL for >200 nt
Starting Material: Cultured eukaryotic cells or bacteria, or from animal, plant, or fungal tissues
Starting Amount: Up to 100 mg
RNA Yield: Up to 50 µg
Processing Mode: Spin column
Throughput: 1 - 24
RNA Binding Technology: Silica technology
Binding Capacity: 100 µg for each

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