RNase-free DNase I Set, 50 preps

Manufacturer: Omega Bio-Tek
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For DNase digestion during RNA purification. The RNase-free DNase set provides a rapid and efficient on-column digestion of DNA during RNA purification from a wide variety of sample sources using E.Z.N.A.® RNA kits. The DNases can be efficiently removed in subsequent steps. Generally, DNase digestion is not required for RNA purified with E.Z.N.A.® RNA kits since the silica-membrance, spin-column technology efficiently removes the majority of the DNA without DNase treatment. However, complete DNA removal may be necessary for certain RNA applications that are sensitive to very small amounts of DNA.

Contains DNase 1 Enzyme and DNase Digestion Buffer
Concentration: 20 K unit/µL
Storage/Stability: Store enzyme at -20°C. DNase Digestion Buffer can be stored at room temperature or -20°C.

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