E.Z.N.A.® Gel Extraction Kit (V-spin), 5 preps

Manufacturer: Omega Bio-Tek
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The E.Z.N.A.® Gel Extraction kit uses the proprietary HiBind® spin-column technology to purify DNA fragments ranging from 100 bp to 10 kb from all grades of agarose gels with high recovery (> 80%). The kit uses a specialized binding buffer system that not only dissolves the gel slice and binds to the spin column but also includes a pH indicator for a visual representation of optimal pH for DNA binding. The bind step is followed by three rapid wash steps and DNA is eluted with deionized water or elution buffer. Purified DNA is ready for a variety of downstream applications such as ligations, PCR amplification, restriction enzyme digestion, cloning, and various labeling reactions.

Rapid – DNA recovery from an agarose gel in 15 min
Specialized buffer system – Visual determination of optimum DNA binding for higher yields
Safe – No phenol/chloroform extractions
Versatile – Spin and vacuum formats available
High-quality – DNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications
Downstream application: Cloning, In Vitro Transcription, Nucleic Acid Labeling, PCR, Real-Time Quantitative PCR (qPCR), Sequencing, Southern Blotting
Elution volume: 30-50 µL
Starting material: Agrose gel slice
Starting amount: Up to 25 µg DNA
DNA recovered: >90% recovery, 70 bp to 20 kb
Processing mode: Manual, centrifugation/vacuum
Throughput: 1-12
DNA binding technology: Silica mini spin column
Binding capacity: 25 μg
Processing time: <10 minutes
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