Microcentrifuge tubes with socket screw caps 0.5 ml, Sterile, Non graduated, Conical

Manufacturer: VWR
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SKU: 525-0642
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Product Sub Group: 0.5ML

These clear, high grade polypropylene tubes are ideal for sample processing applications.
RNase-, DNase- and endotoxin-free
Sterile tubes are sterilised by irradiation
Excellent for freezer storage or secure sample handling. Screw caps incorporate silicone O-rings for a leakproof seal and accept colour coded inserts. Inserts snap into the top of the cap to create a flush surface. Tubes are available with standard or loop caps, which tether the cap to the tube.
Caps and tubes are steam autoclavable at 121 °C and freezable to −80 °C.

Colour : Natural
Version : Non graduated, conical bottom
RCF max : 20000×g

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