Cell culture dish (3.5 cm), with 3-D scaffold (32.0×1.6 mm)

Manufacturer: VWR
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SKU: 734-2967
UOM: 40/case
Product Sub Group: 35mm Dish

VWR® 3-D scaffold cell culture dishes, made of polystyrene (GPPS) with polystyrene polymer scaffold, are able to simulate the three-dimensional structure of cells in animals and the human body to maximum effect, providing an ideal environment for cell interaction, maximising culture area and improving yield.

3.5cm 3D Cell Culture Dish, with 1× surface treated scaffold insert (32.0×1.6 mm)
Packed : 1/pkg, 40/case
Sterilised by electron beam irradiation
Free from DNase and RNase, non pyrogenic

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