Milk serological pipettes 2.2ml

Manufacturer: VWR
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Product Code: P2073913
SKU: 612-5853
UOM: 500/case
Product Sub Group: milk Pipette

PS, transparent, graduated, sterile. These disposable pipettes for liquid transfers are made of GPPS (general polystyrene) with PO (Polyolefin) filter, in compliance with USP Class VI.

Colour code : Black
Capacity : 2.2 ml
Division : 0.01 ml

Temperature resistance: –20 to +50 °C
DNase-/RNase-free, non pyrogenic, non cytotoxic
Meet the requirement of BSE/TSE, latex-free
Sterilised by irradiation
Graduations are calibrated for accurate dispensing to within ±2%
Every product is printed with a batch number for tracebility
Manufactured in a Class 100 000 cleanroom environment
Manufactured under EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality management

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