39 cm Cell Scraper, Sterilized, Non-pyrogenic, Lifter Blade

Manufacturer: VWR
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Product Code: P2087882
SKU: 734-2605
UOM: 100/case
Product Sub Group: cell scraper

Packed : Individually wrapped, 100pcs per bag/case

Specifically designed to make collecting of cells easier and more effective. Available with a choice of blade positions - scraper for use in flasks, or lifter for use in harvesting cells (especially stem cells) in dishes.

Cell lifter, blade width 30 mm
Cross-ribbed handle in ABS provides greater rigidity and ensures better control while scraping cells
Thin, flexible TPE blade prevents damage to cells
Individually wrapped
Sterilised by electron beam irradiation
Free from DNase, RNase and non pyrogenic

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