Multi-channel pipette (8 channels), 50 - 1200 µl Capacity, Electronic

Manufacturer: VWR
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These pipettes combine superior accuracy, precision and robustness with advanced ergonomic design.

Ease of use: Only two buttons and five pipetting modes; enables an easy one-handed programming and a quick pipetting cycle start
CUSTOM mode: Users can quickly and easily create specific protocols thanks to VWR® Protocol Builder software
Advanced ergonomics: Lightweight and perfectly balanced, it requires virtually no force to significantly reduce RSI
Fits comfortably in either the left or right hand and allows a 360° rotating manifold
Fully motorised piston drive: For even and regular sample delivery across each channel
Tip holders are designed for a secure tip fit and easy ejection thanks to a curved ejector bar
Pipettes can be used while charging without compromising performance
VWR® electronic pipettes offer outstanding performance in all pipetting modes. They require virtually no force to aspirate and dispense samples, and significantly reduce RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) associated with routine work.

Pipetting modes: PIPET (standard mode), REVERSE, REPETITIVE, MIX and CUSTOM.

Channels : 8
Capacity : 50 - 1200 µl
Increment : 1 µl
Accuracy : ±3.67 - ±0.88 %
Imprecision : ≤0.64 - ≤0.17 %
Colour code : Blue

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