VWR EHP 3 Pack, incl. 3 pipettes (2 - 20 / 20 - 200 / 100 - 1000 µl), 2 racks of tips (200 and 1000 µl) and 4 pipette linear stand

Manufacturer: VWR
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SKU: 613-5465
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Product Sub Group: Single Channel Pipette

Ergonomic High Performance pipettes provide accuracy and precision you can rely on. The upgraded, ergonomic features deliver comfortable pipetting, even during extensive periods of time.

Significantly reduced plunger forces vs prior model
Effortless volume adjustment with volume lock
Superior accuracy and precision for critical applications
Tapered shaft and adjustable ‘Easy Grip’ ejector for universal tip fit
Extended finger rest for convenient pipetting
UV resistant and fully autoclavable

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