VWR® Microcentrifuge Tubes 0.5 ml, Low-Binding, Non sterile, Natural

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These microcentrifuge tubes have a low adhesion surface which provides minimal to low binding. For use with rDNA and viscous proteins, these non stick, graduated, polypropylene tubes may be used between –80 to +122 °C (–122 to +251.6 °F).

Leak proof snap caps
Graduated markings
VWR® microcentrifuge tubes feature flat caps and frosted areas on the sides for easy labeling. Leakproof snap caps may be penetrated by a syringe. Easy-to-open caps will not pop open during autoclaving. The 0.5 ml tubes fit many thermal cyclers. All tubes are nonsterile. RNase- and DNase-free.

Volume: 0.5 ml (max. 0.65 ml)
Cap type: Boil-Proof
Colour: Natural
Sterility: Non-sterile

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