Agarose, Electran, high resolution for electrophoresis, 25 g

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Agarose high resolution (HR) has melting, max. 90 °C, and gelling temperatures (32.5 to 38 °C), but differs from traditional low melting point molecular biology grade agaroses in the gel separation range. Using this agarose in electrophoresis allows fine and consistent resolution of nucleic acids below 1000 base pairs, which differ by only a few base pairs. The properties of Agarose HR allow consistent gel separations (analytical and preparative) and performance of in-vitro translation and transcription mapping, as well as in-vivo ligation and transformation. For analytical gel separation of DNA/RNA below 1000 base pairs, where a higher gel strength for ease of manipulation is required, we recommend the use of Agarose, high resolution, Electran (43655).

Free from DNases and RNases
Melting Pt: 60…90 °C
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00081294
CAS Number: 9012-36-6
EINECS: 232-731-8

Description: Agarose high resolution, low melting (50 bp - 1 kb)
Pack type: Plastic bottle
Quantity: 25 g

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