Cyclo-Pure™ Agarose Gel Extraction Kit

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Agarose gel extraction kit is a fast, spin column-based kit for the quick isolation of DNA fragments (40 bp to 100 kb) from agarose slices.

DNA isolation in 10 minutes
TAE/TBE agarose gel compatible
Spin column format
In just 10 minutes, ultra-pure DNA can be extracted that is ready to use in restriction enzyme digestion, labelling, ligation, transformation, in vitro transcription and sequencing protocols. All reagents are room temperature stable.

Delivery information: Kit includes Binding Buffer, 40 ml; Wash Buffer, 50 ml; spin columns, 50; and collection tubes, 50. Contains sufficient material for 50 isolations.

Description: Cyclo-Pure™ Agarose Gel Extraction Kit
Target molecule: DNA
Refine target molecule: DNA gel bands
Sample type: Gel matrix
Method/Format: Column (silica-based)
Prep Size: Mini
Pack: 50
Environmentally preferable attribute: Safer Human and Environmental Health

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