Red Taq DNA Polymerase 2X Master Mix, 1,5 mM MgCl₂, for 500 tests

Manufacturer: VWR
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Product Code: P20371350
SKU: 733-2546
UOM: 1 * 500 Tests
Product Sub Group: PCR Mastermix

VWR® Red Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix, which also contains an inert red dye, can be directly loaded onto an agarose gel without addition of electrophoresis loading buffers.

Tests = Reactions

Description: Red Taq DNA Polymerase 2X Master Mix, 1.5 mM MgCl2 500 reactions
Format: Mastermix incl. dNTPs
Application: Standard amplification
Concentration: 2x
Size: 10 x 1.25 ml
Amplicon size: ≤ 5kb
Units: 500 r Mix 500
Exonuclease activity: 5’→3’
Product overhang: 3'A

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