ExoCleanUp FAST, One-step PCR clean-up reagent, for 500 Tests

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VWR ExoCleanUp FAST PCR reagent is a one-step PCR clean-up reagent for optimal sequencing results, consisting of a balanced combination of a heat-labile exonuclease I (HL-ExoI) and a recombinant shrimp alkaline phosphatase (rSAP).

Designed to clean-up PCR products in 5 minutes
No need for spin columns or magnetic beads
Treatment improves downstream applications, such as DNA sequencing and SNP analysis
Treatment of amplified PCR products with this reagent helps to remove residual primers and single-stranded DNA, and inactivates excess dNTPs by dephosphorylation. After enzymatic treatment at 37 °C for a minimum of 2 minutes, this reagent is completely inactivated by heating at 80 °C for a minimum of 3 minutes.

Description: ExoCleanUp FAST PCR clean-up reagent
Target molecule: DNA
Refine target molecule: Amplified/modified DNA
Sample type: PCR and other enzymatic reactions
Method/Format: Enzymatic clean-up
Prep Size: Scalable

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