TBE buffer, 10X liquid concentrate

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Product Sub Group: TBE Buffer

TBE is optimised for DNA electrophoresis techniques using both acrylamide and agarose. Buffers are available as liquid concentrate or Ready-Pack™ (a foil pouch containing sufficient material to prepare 1 litre of 10X concentrate).

High buffering capacity
High ionic strength
Allows extended electrophoresis runs without buffer recirculation
Convenient packaging options minimise weighing and mixing
Free from DNase, RNase and protease
Composition of (1X) solution contains 0.089 M Tris base, 0.089 M borate and 0.002 M EDTA, disodium salt, dihydrate with a final pH of 8.3.

Caution: *Note: TBE has a tendency to precipitate over time. If this occurs, redissolve in solution.

Pack type: Plastic bottle

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