High range DNA ladder, 200 to 12000 bp

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High range DNA ladder, 200 to 12000 bp, sufficient for 250 lanes (loading 2 μl per gel), 1×0.5 ml

VWR DNA ladders are supplied in a loading buffer that is ready to use on agarose and polyacrylamide DNA gels. The ladders are suitable with TBE, TAE, SB and LB electrophoresis systems.
Ready to use directly on the gel
Mass-calibrated bands for DNA quantification
PCR DNA ladder has a 1000 bp band that is extra bright to serve as reference point
High range DNA ladder molecular range: 200 to 12000 bp; mass-calibrated bands from 6 to 40 ng/band for DNA quantification.

Delivery information: Each DNA ladder is supplied in 0.5 ml packs sufficient for 250 lanes.

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