RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagent, 30 ml

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RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagent is a single phase phenol solution that is used for the isolation of total RNA from a variety of cell and tissue types. Homogenization or disruption directly in RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagent directly inhibits RNase activity to substantially minimize degradation of all classes of RNA. The simple and effective procedure for isolation in RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagent includes homogenization, phase separation, RNA precipitation, RNA wash and solubilization.

RNA isolated with RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagents can be used for many downstream applications including: 
Northern blot and dot blot analysis 
RNase protection assays
Molecular cloning
mRNA isolation
RT/PCR (DNase treatment may be required)


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