RiboZol™ Plus RNA Purification Kit, 2×30 ml

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RiboZol™ Plus RNA Purification Kit purifies and recovers all sizes and species of RNA, including large RNAs such as ribosomal RNA (rRNA) or messenger RNA (mRNA), and small RNAs <200 nucleotides, including microRNAs (miRNA) and small inhibitory RNAs (siRNA). The kit combines the benefits of organic RNA extraction using RiboZol™ RNA extraction reagent with the ease and convenience of spin column technology. Firstly, RiboZol™ RNA extraction reagent extracts total RNA from cells or tissue, including difficult sample types. Subsequent column chromatography employs a proprietary resin as the separation matrix to yield up to 35 μg of highly purified total RNA.

Save time
Enhance recovery of total RNA including microRNA species
Total RNA purified with RiboZol™ RNA Purification Kit is compatible with most downstream applications, including Northern blot and dot blot analysis, RNAse protection assays, microarray analysis, molecular cloning and mRNA isolation. DNase treatment is recommended for maximum removal of DNA prior to sensitive downstream applications such as quantitative RT-PCR.

Achieve excellent recovery of all sizes and species of RNA with a proprietary spin column matrix. Extract high yields of quality RNA from tissues and cultured cells. Purify and concentrate the total RNA with spin column chromatography. Remove unwanted protein and DNA on the spin column. Elute diverse RNA species from the column.

This kit allows for excellent recovery of large RNAs such as rRNA and mRNA, as well as superior recovery of small RNAs including miRNA and siRNA. Compatible with downstream applications including qRT-PCR. High quality, intact, and non-degraded RNA.

Delivery information: Each RiboZol Plus RNA Purification Kit includes sufficient RiboZol RNA Extraction Reagents, spin columns, and collection tubes for 50 isolations.

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