jetPRIME® DNA and siRNA transfection reagent, 0.1 ml volume, with 5 ml jetPRIME® buffer

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The jetPRIME® DNA and/or siRNA transfection reagent is a powerful and versatile reagent designed to ensure high DNA transfection efficiency and excellent gene silencing in a variety of adherent cells.

High DNA transfection efficiency
Uses low amounts of nucleic acid
Superior cell viability
One reagent for DNA and/or siRNA transfection
Cost effective
jetPRIME® is ideal for co-transfection of DNA and siRNA. jetPRIME® is gentle to cells since it requires low amounts of reagent and nucleic acid during transfection. Effective and non toxic DNA and siRNA delivery is essential for reliable scientific results.

Certifications: Polyplus-transfection® has been an ISO 9001 accredited company since 2002. Since then this certification has been successfully renewed every three years.
Every batch of jetPRIME® reagent is tested in-house by DNA transfection of HeLa cells with a GFP-expressing plasmid and each vial of reagent is provided with Certificate of Analysis.

Delivery information: Supplied with an optimised sterile buffer which must be used to ensure successful transfection experiments. The concentrated buffer provided with 114-75C must be diluted 1:5 in sterile H₂O just prior to use. 1,5 ml is sufficient to perform ~375 transfections in 6-well plates.

DNA: Yes
DNA and siRNA: Yes
siRNA: Yes
Virus production: Yes

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